Monday, 5 January 2015

Organised 2015

So we are starting to slowly feel human in our house again and have ventured out today to the shops, turns out I have missed the sales.  Well there didn't seem to be much sale stock left in the shops we visited today ... never mind.  So trying to be more organised this year......

So far I have managed to buy a new winter coat for Little L literally before she would be heading back to preschool bursting out hulk style of her old coat.  It really was pretty tight on her.  Anyway come Tuesday morning she will be warm and snug and drowned obviously in her big new coat.

I also managed today to buy Little L new shoes just before she had to start attending preschool and anywhere else in her wellies or party shoes... I do like to leave things till the last minute but it does speed up the decision making process.

Plus I have been filling in a new calender and it has stickers. 

And I have also written endless pages of lists, mainly things to do to house/diy/decluttering.

So on day four of the New year and things are going well,  how do you organise yourself and your family, or do you just wing it and hope for the best???  
Thank goodness I don't have a job as well; I would then have to be super organised and probably get up at 5am.

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