Saturday, 29 September 2012

Simple pinafore dress

I bought this pattern ages ago at the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate last November (If you've never been I'd definitely recommend it).  I kept meaning to have a go with it but you know concentration, sewing machine and small baby do not go well together.  And I just can't start a sewing project at night.  I can knit, crochet in the evening but not sewing.  So the other day I had a look at the pattern and managed to cut out my pieces whilst little L was awake.  The pattern is so easy just two pieces of material.  It is an Emma Garry pattern Reversible Pinny (there are some lovely things on her website have a look and get ready for the serious I wants I needs). 
 Ideally use two contrasting fabrics and then the dress is reversible.  But I didn't have two so I used plain white cotton for the lining.  I had bought a selection of outer fabrics - a bright red flowery, a cute vintage rose and a blue animals print.  I chose the animals as I thought it would go well with navy leggings or jeans which she seems to be wearing a lot and the others I will make in the bigger size.
I traced the pattern onto some greaseproof paper and then pinned it to my fabric and cut out the two pieces.  Then I pinned them together and stitched them.  Easy and it looked good.  I nearly went ahead and finished it that night but I had a little niggly feeling that I should try it on little L to check that it fit.  So the next day I tried it on a tired baby after we got back from playgroup.  And she really didn't like it but then I realised a pin was sticking in her neck (naughty mummy!).  It didn't fit at all.  So I turned it inside out and made the straps and neck opening bigger.  Still didn't fit so then I attached buttons and get me I used the fancy nancy automatic button hole foot on my machine!! 
It still doesn't fit hence no photo of it on.  The size was 2 and she is only 16 mths.  The armholes are just too tight.  Shame as it looks lovely.  I will make another as I have the pattern in size 3 but I'm not convinced that would be big enough. 
This would be nice in lightweight corduroy or a nice christmassy material? 
Bye for now x

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  1. The dress looks lovely, such a shame it doesn't fit. It's very tricky to make when your model won't try things on!!!! Sarah


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