Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Over the summer holidays all the usual toddler groups etc stop so we have five whole days to fill each week.  One of the things we have been doing is swimming.  Little L can't swim and apart from going whilst we have been on holiday every year since she was born that's about it for pool activities.  But our local Sure Start Centre (if you have a little one and don't know about these find out they have great playgroups, activities etc) had got funding to offer free swimming lessons and daily sessions at our local pool.  So an offer not to be missed.

I can't say that she likes the lessons much and does cry a bit but there are parts of the lessons like the songs, jumping in (with mummy holding her!) etc that she does like.  So we will persevere.  We went yesterday just for a general splash and she really enjoyed it.  So hopefully this weeks lesson will go a bit better.

I think it is important for her to learn to swim before the compulsary primary school lessons because I hated swimming lessons at school (I couldn't swim) to the point of being ill and I definitely don't want her to go through the same.  I did learn to swim at school in the end but it was very traumatic.  I did consider trying to get her Daddy to take her to the lessons (as he is a very good swimmer) but I think he would give in when she cried!!

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  1. I'm not very keen on swimming so never took my children when they where small. It made it much harder for my daughter when she had swimming at school. Definitely worth the effort when they are small!! Sarah


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