Sunday, 8 September 2013

I need a holiday

So this week has been pretty full on -
  • Running around after Little L
  • Swimming
  • Taking the kitchen out and redoing the floor
  • Speaking at the local Planning Committee meeting against a proposal to build houses on our local park
  • More kitchen stuff
  • Last swimming lesson disaster as I had a flat tyre on the way there and so missed lesson
  • Problems with other half's work meaning he had to work more
  • Cutting through the hedge trimmer wire whilst trying to cut the hedge
  • Little L spraying de-icer in her eye, casualty on Sunday afternoon and eye clinic appointment for Monday morning at the hospital
  • And trying to get ready for our holidays which we are setting off tomorrow at 7.30am with a visit to the hospital en route.
Yes I really do need a holiday, if we can just get packed and sorted we will be setting off to Wales tomorrow for a week of seaside fun.  That's assuming we don't have any more disasters before then!!!

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