Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A walk and some painting

The weather here is really mild at the moment and we are making the most of it by being outside as much as possible.  Despite the grass being pretty wet with dew most of the time Little L is still playing out with gusto.  I am really not looking forward to spending days stuck in the house when the weather turns.  So yesterday we had our usual walk to the park which Little L loves and then we headed a bit further into the village to walk down the canal.  

The walk is one we do a lot (admittedly not so much these last few months with being pregnant) it is an easy 3 mile circular route.

Little L was armed with a carrot for the horses which she insisted on holding "me hold tight" all the way there, I am surprised it made it in one piece and with no nibbles taken out. 
Carrot horsey .....

Mummy gave the carrots to the horses as they have big teeth
After our walk, lunch, sleep and snack we were outside again this time painting.  Not me for once Little L
Very artistic, I now have maybe 10 pictures that all look virtually the same????

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