Sunday, 20 January 2013

A year of change

Just over a week ago we got the news that we had been dreading.  My other half is being made redundant.  The possibility of this has hung over his head for the last 18 months and then last Friday his boss dropped it on him.  Happy new year you are going to lose your job!  Seventeen years of hard work and bye bye.

So this year will be a year of change, changes to our plans, our focus, jobs etc. 
I saw this on Tina's blog the other day and thought it quite fitting for us:

"I welcome change, and regard it as a friend. This present uncertain situation has more power for good than for evil. No matter how complicated the plot, it can be the opening sentence to a new rich chapter in my life."

~ Thomas Bartram 
We are trying to see this as a challenge and count our blessings for all that we have. 
And finally keeping me sane this week has mainly been our very supportive family but also:
This is a brilliant book, I got it for Christmas and I definitely recommend it for novice or expert knitters.

Some exciting new knitting on my needles, will share details soon promise

A mini snowman made by my sister, I love the snow but I'm glad its nearly gone

Bye for now

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