Monday, 31 March 2014

Thieving S#@#@#@s!

Last Thursday we had a day out in Liverpool.  Me and Little L left baby E with her Daddy and headed out with my sister and niece.  The occasion was my niece's birthday this week.  We were having a great time. Over lunch we chatted about how nice Liverpool is now for shopping with Liverpool One and a big variety of shops.  Then later we were in a shop all looking at slightly different things.  Me and Little L were looking at rather expensive dresses for a summer wedding (I want to get the girls matching dresses cute), anyway these were out of my price range really and I was just pointing them out to my niece when I looked down and my handbag had gone.   

I had it over the handle of my pram and it wasn't there, such an awful sickening feeling that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  I initially ran over to the previous card shop I had been in and the security guards started looking through the CCTV to check whether I had the bag going into and coming out of the shop.  My sister stayed in the shop we were in and their security guard was looking through the store CCTV.  I ran to the bank to cancel my card, we went to the phone shop to try to track my phone.  By this time we realised I would never see my beloved fossil bag again, my purse, my phone with photos of my girls all gone.  My things that I bought with my hard earned money gone.  Then some 30 minutes into the saga one of the security guards got a message that they had found my bag in the original clothes shop we were in.  I went down to the shop with a security guard fully prepared for an empty bag but no my phone and my purse were still there.  My bag had been hung on a hanger with a babies outfit and stashed in the centre of a rack full of ladies clothes.

I will never be that lucky again.  The thief perhaps panicked with all the security guards etc, or maybe intended to return for it later when things had died down.  But one thing is for sure I was being watched and whoever it was lifted that bag so quickly as my hand hardly ever leaves the pram handle.  I can only think it was when I was reaching up to a rail of dresses.

So a happy ending for me this time.  I have since cleared out my purse (I don't need all my bank account cards and other cards in my purse) and I have bought these from Ebay to secure my changing bag onto the pram handle.  

I see other people with prams who have there changing bag or handbag over the handle like me and whilst I thought I was vigilant it only takes these scumbags people seconds to lift your bag so please be aware.  

Edited:  the above purchase from Ebay proved unsuitable so I bought this, a bargain and perfect for the job.

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