Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Three months old

Where did the time go??  Baby E is three months old well nearly 14 weeks.  She is doing well.  But I can't say it has been an easy three months.  She has screamed a lot since she was born really and I had mentioned this to the various midwives, doctors and health visitors that I encountered but was usually looked at and told in a patronising way "all babies are different" or "she is only young" blah blah blah.  Having had a screamer first time around I knew Baby E's screaming was different.  Little L had colic and she screamed at the same time virtually every day and got some relief from the various colic treatments ranging from massage and special bottles to infacol.  And when we hit that magic three month mark she improved a great deal.  

Though Baby E has been different, no pattern to the screaming but she has always seemed to be suffering with chronic stomach ache.  Anyway they ran a test and she is lactose intolerant.  She has been on special lactose free milk for a couple of weeks and has improved in that she doesn't scream as much and is starting to put weight on.   

When she isn't suffering with her tummy she is an absolute delight, very smiley and chatty.  She adores Little L and her face lights up when her sister stops what she is doing to talk to her.  She loves looking at her arm with amazement and the fire as well.  Anyway I must go Baby E is currently exercising her lungs!?

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