Sunday, 9 September 2012

A new old basket

Last Sunday we had a trip to Preston to join in with the Guild celebrations.  On Saturday and Sunday they had a Vintage weekend in Avenham Park.  There was lots to see and lots of stall oh I wish I had some pennies.  It was mad busy and really hot but we had a really good day with my sisters and their families and my parents. 
Little L had chance to show off her cute new shoes!
And on the way out I spotted a basket for sale and after a bit of haggling it was mine.  I wanted an old traditional basket to put my knitting in to stop it getting tangled up and to be able to quickly put it out of reach from little fingers.
I decided to line it as it was too snaggy for knitting as it was.  So I chose this material mainly because I had lots of it.
I cut a template for the bottom of the basket and then a rectangle for the sides.  I measured around the top of the basket and added an inch for hems and roughly measured the depth of the basket and added a couple of inches to turn over at the top.  I stitched the short ends of the rectangle, to give a tube of fabric.  Then I pinned it to the base oval of fabric.  I pinned it first on the four flat sides of the oval and then gathered and pinned folds into the corners or curvy edges.  It sounds complicated but it wasn't.  I was doing it at fifty miles an hour with one eye on little L and I managed it.  
Then I cut a slit down either side for the handles and hemmed it (sorry forgot to take photos).  Then I stitched a channel around the top.  I threaded some thin elastic through the channel and around the handles to hold the lining in place.
Done, not bad for a couple of hours and it will do the job.  I had to put a little band of material on the handle because there is a crack in the handle which I just had to put some gaffer tape around.
Hope you have all had good weekends. 
Bye for now x

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