Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Home made wine

There are only 104 days until Christmas (15 weeks) yeah I can't wait.  But that did get me thinking about money etc so I decided to get some home made wine on the go with the hope that it will be ready by Christmas.  I first had a go with home brewing about five years ago after chatting with a friend at work who had made allsorts of concoctions and the idea of free alcohol sold it to me straight away.
Now don't be fooled its never going to taste like blossom hill but it is drinkable and some is even quite nice.  Over the years I have made
- elderflower champagne - easy to do but didn't taste like champagne but a nice fizzy drink
- elderflower wine - not so nice had to drink with lemonade and then gave up threw it out
- elderberry wine - lovely rich colour and nice wine but quite potent
- apple wine - not so nice
- damson wine - lovely and fruity easy to drink
- sloe wine - not as nice as damson just use the sloes for sloe gin it is easier
- And lots of kits mainly from Wilkinson's
So I haven't made any wine since before little L was born so I decided to try an easy cheap wine made with red grape concentrate. There it is bubbling away in the kitchen.  I didn't know where else to put it as upstairs is freezing except for little L's bedroom which gets sun during the day but her bedroom was a definite no no.  So for now it can just sit there in the kitchen.  I will top it up with water in a few weeks. 
And I am going to buy a kit for Black Cherry I think and get that started too.  The kits are about £8 plus about 50p worth of sugar so roughly  £1.50 per bottle which is cheap I think.   I'd quite like to make some sloe gin but apparently there are hardly any sloes about this year and gin is pretty expensive to buy. 
Has anyone else had a go at making wine before and what recipes do you use?
Bye for now x

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  1. I once attempted homemade wine, it tasted lethal (I was worried it would make me go blind!!!). Since then I've stuck with the kit method. Sarah


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