Friday, 21 September 2012

Green tomato chutney

The tomatoes this year were a big disappointment.  Hardly any ripened and the ones that did were tiny.  I always seem to leave planting tomato plants too late but usually that just means a glut of them in August and September.  This year was no exception I did plant them late but these weren't going to ripen and the few that did didn't taste that good.  So I decided to give up on them and pick all the green ones.  I ended up with about 1 kg and thought after my success with the jam making I would try chutney.  The recipe looked easy.
I chopped up the tomatoes and onions, sprinkled them with a teaspoon of salt and left for 24 hrs.  This got rid of lots of moisture (for half a day I let them stand in the colander and it kept dripping).  I'm glad I did this otherwise I would have been cooking it all day to reduce it.
The onions, tomatoes, sultanas, black pepper, chillies, garlic, ginger and vinegar went into a pan to boil for 10 mins then I added the sugar and simmered the mixture for probably 2 hours. 
The whole house smells of vinegar, the fumes were awful but eventually it was thick and ready to bottle.  Three jars of chutney.  I did try it a couple times whilst making it and I'm not sure I liked it but to be honest my head was so full of vinegar fumes that that was all I could taste.
I will give it a proper try and it can always be binned.  I won't make this again.  Jam making is definitely easier!
PS Since my last post about should we do the fire we have started it.  As of yesterday I now have no gas fire just a hole instead!

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