Tuesday, 20 November 2012


All I talk about is teeth and gums!  Well it seems that way.  I have officially the most affected baby by teeth ever.  She started with red angry checks when she was four months old.  She really started to suffer a couple of months after that and so has been teething for a year now!!!
(Can I have that shoe back)
Last night she wouldn't even have her dummy (never happened before) as I think maybe her front teeth/gums were hurting.  So she wouldn't sleep.  My plans of picking out knitting patterns ready for Fridays jaunt was scuppered and so me and little L went to bed early in our bed (poor other half on sofa) and she kept waking up over night.  Tired house this morning.
So much to do as we are going up North tomorrow for a night out (for other half's birthday (thank you baby sitters) and then some visiting etc before our grand day out on Friday.  Have to sort out clothes/ food/ blankets/ nappies/ knitting/dog etc for tomorrow morning ... oh and try to whip up a birthday cake. 
Anyway cup of tea and breakfast first.  Hope you are all having fun

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