Monday, 5 November 2012


Had lots of visitors over the weekend.  I think it is because our house is usually soooo cold.  Not that its boiling now but probably the living room is normal temperature for people who put there heating on. 
Friday night whilst others were out having fun me, the other half and little L were loading wood into our car in the dark and the rain.  Well it was a bargain we didn't want to miss and as he had finished work a bit early we went straight away.  So now our garage is full of two ton bags worth of wood not bad.

A cute spinning owl from York, a lovely pressie from sister J who visited us on Friday (wish we had been to York)!
Some knitting which I did at knit and natter on Friday whilst little L looked at books and tried to grab my needles. 
Saturday more visitors and much amusement watching Little L's new dance move combo.
Sunday more visitors and a little walk down the canal. 
And then home to a lovely warm house
Anyway bye for now, off to watch Homeland and do some knitting.

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  1. I'm sure it's Little L's dance moves that is attracting extra visitors, not the lovely waaaarm fire!!! Sarah


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