Saturday, 16 February 2013

More shabby than chic

A present from my sister arrived at our house last Saturday.  Described by sister J as a vintage/retro little table with stools to match.  Hhhhm yes it is a table and it has stools but I think maybe it needs a bit of tarting up first. 
Black formica drop leaf table with two matching stools
Love these little pegs that secure the seat in place so at least I can recover them easily
It is pretty sound for its age, it needs new hinges for the drop leaves and a bit of glue on some of the joints on the stools.
Not sure what to do with it. 
I am tempted to paint it all and recover the stool seats. 
Or I could just paint the formica top and leave the legs and the stool legs as varnished. 
Or I could take the top off and find a new top for it out of just plain wood. 

So many possibilities ............. the fire oh no sorry I won't burn it
My sister sent me a photo of a similar table (use your imagination) she had seen at a display at a garden centre.  Not sure mine could look like that!
Bye for now


  1. Definately chic. Maybe you need some rose coloured glasses for today, then you could take another look!! Sarah

  2. Very vintage / retro a little imagination and I'm sure it will be fine . Looks like your sister has a real eye for a bargin !!


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