Monday, 4 February 2013

Provence Baby Cardigan Finished

I started this cardigan last November and I got on with it really quickly and I was on course for it to be sent to Father Christmas for little L but then I started the front panels.  Urgh  .... it was a simple enough pattern but I just kept going wrong.  And I am rubbish at taking work back (I can never get the stitches back on and the right way round) so each time I just had to pull it all back and start again.  So as with many of my projects it got put to the side whilst I got on with other new projects.
I picked it up in January and having established that it would be huge on her there seemed no rush so again it sat on the shelf unloved.  Until last night, I finished it finally.

I haven't blocked it yet (not sure if I will bother) and I'm pretty happy.  I love the moss stitch ribbing and the simple garter stitch edging to the collar.  If I did it again I would probably do the button band in the same size needle as the body and just pick up stitches evenly rather than a set number because the button bands are too pinched.  Also it is pretty big for an 18 month size ??  It will fit her one day

I am currently knitting this cardigan for me but without the stripes!  Bye for now

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  1. Looking good. It's always great to finish a project, then onto the next!! Sarah


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