Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tiny squares crochet cushion

I've had this idea for a cushion cover in my head for ages and I just haven't gotten around to it (in fact this post was started in October).  What with all the house stuff and knitting etc the days just don't have enough hours in them but last week (in October) I started and just made a few test squares until I was happy with the size and off I went.  This is my inspiration

I used a 4mm hook as I think it works well when using DK yarn.  And I simply did chain 4 and join to form a loop and then working out of the centre do four half treble's down each side with chain 1 spaces for the corners.  I am joining in the corners as i go along which is a bit fiddly but saves a lot of time.  I started this in October and have put it on hold for a while whilst I do some knitting so I thought I would show progress so far in the vain hope that it spares me on to finish it.
Anyway must go as it is bedtime hour in our house.  Tonight I will be attempting to pull back half a sleeve on this cardy arghhh!!! wish me luck.  Bye for now x

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