Sunday, 7 April 2013

Finished Cowl

I cast this on last week because I just couldn't decide on what to knit next.  So an easy and quick  knit was called for.  I used some leftover wool from my swing cardigan and I found the perfect pattern on Ravelry for this cowl,  I love the weave effect (think its called basket weave) and it is reasonably snug so easy to slip on under my coat. 
Knitting this in the round on such short needles was pretty hard on my hands though.
This weekend we have been outside a lot as it has been a bit warmer and sunny.  We have been walking down the canal, been to the park and done some gardening and general pottering.  This morning though my other half was busy collecting our free set of garden furniture.  Three trips were involved and we now have two benches like this
Two chairs like this
And one huge table.  I will paint them all and if I get fed up of any of them they can be added to our wood stack or put back onto Freecycle.  


  1. Loving your new benches and chairs. When you say paint, are you thinking a colour or just stain? Sarah

  2. The furniture is lovely! We got our garden bench out of a skip at the allotment - all the wood was rotten, and the cast iron was rusty, but it came up lovely with some paint and some new slats. I've just started knitting a cushion cover to use up some odds and ends.


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