Saturday, 20 April 2013

Free garden furniture and a walk

The other day was sunny and windy so we headed out with map and backpack to a nearby village for a walk.  We haven't done this walk but having driven a similar route many times we expected a hard slog uphill.  But it wasn't too bad,  all off road on bridlepaths through woods and then uphill.  I didn't have the extra two stone of toddler to carry uphill though.

A lovely view from the top
And then down the canal
The walk was less than two hours and we were back home for lunch.  And then I managed to finish painting my new garden furniture in time for the sunny weather.There are two benches and two chairs plus a huge table but I don't think we will keep the big table.  I don't really like eating outside, its never warm enough for me! 
And then just time for a spot of baking.  Yummy rock buns, we used to have these as children and the ones with a blob of jam in the middle hhmm I think I'll make them next time.

Bye for now hopefully I'll be back soon with some projects I have on the go

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  1. It looks like a lovely walk, especially on a sunny day. Sarah


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