Sunday, 28 April 2013

Another busy week

Yes it has been a very busy week, a family birthday I made a yummy birthday cake.  We had two days up at home one for my mum's birthday and the other to get the car MOT'd and for my other half to help my dad laying flags.  Me and Little L had a look at G and G's new chicken's.  There are actually three but they are very shy and not used to being outside.  They are battery hens saved from the chop and given to my mum and dad hhhhmmmm thanks, they are a bit scabby and bold but their feathers will come back.
These are the other hens they already have
Little L loves looking at the hens (she doesn't yet know that the one of the cockerels likes to chase her cousins down the field)
I have had a productive week Ebay wise and have sold quite a bit, old clothes, a purse and some chairs.  Not quite an ebay millionaire but I am trying.  I have also been busy glossing woodwork (not easy with a big hairy dog) and going to playgroups.  Today we had a house full with my parents and one of my sisters and her family.  We managed to do this walk and bonus the icream van was at the top of the hill.  And I took delivery of this cupboard which somebody gave my sister.  The intention was to renovate it a bit and then sell it on Ebay but I am starting to like it myself for in our living room??
It is a lovely old pine cupboard at the bottom and then glass doored display shelves at the top.  It is badly stained in a few places and has quite bad mildew.  But there is potential.
 Any must go for now and do some knitting, my friends baby is due very soon and I need to get some pressies made


  1. Ooh the cupboard looks quite nice!! Good luck with the sanding. Sarah

  2. The cupboard definitely has potential. I can see why you're thinking of keeping it!


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