Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter biscuits

Last week I treated myself to a new mixer.  Aldi's Thursday offer was a bargain stand mixer in cream so I had to have it.  Yes a kitchenaid mixer would be nice but I really don't like baking or even eating cakes enough to warrant the price.  I also had a voucher so got the cute biscuit stamps for free.  

We had to try both last Thursday afternoon.  So obviously we would make biscuits.  I did a basic mix which was fine but I think the stamps would work better with a really dry mix and something that doesn't rise as this obliterates the writing.  Anyway with trial and error I am sure next times will be better.

So an hour or so later (I'm doing this with the help of an eager toddler so there's a lot of rolling, eating mix, squashing, starting again ....) a kitchen and child covered in flour and the biscuits were ready to go into the oven.  At that point (no sooner I swear) I remembered with horror that both me and the other half have given up biscuits for lent (I've given up crisps as well so roll on Sunday!).  

So a dilemma could Little L eat all those biscuits by herself and me not sample even one! I can't say what happened but there are no biscuits left.

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  1. Ooh I got those stamps, we haven't tried them out yet but maybe over the Easter weekend. We'll try your tip about the mixture and let you know. I was thinking of using ginger bread dough as the biscuits keep longer (only if you forget about them, otherwise every time you have a cup of tea you try one) Happy Easter. Sarah


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