Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy 1 Year House Anniversary

It is one year today since we moved into our house (we moved over two days but slept in it for the first time on the 21st).  Where did the year go?  Our first year in this house and in a new area has been full of ups and downs. 
  • Relief and happiness to have finally got our old house sold  (after 18 mths) and be living in a different area a mere 25 miles from home and family. 
  • And the year, well last 18 months, has been full of constant worry about P losing his job.  So yes a mixed year and the job/recession situation seems to be worsening in his line of work so not sure what the New Year will bring. 
I don't really like to mention money etc on my blog because it is too depressing and I know we are very very lucky to be healthy and happy and have a beautiful daughter.
So we have achieved a lot in our first year with little money or time.  In no particular order we have:
  • Taken cupboards and units out of garage and shelved two walls, painted and put up a sheila maid.
  • Installed new consumer unit and started rewiring upstairs (Thanks Mick)
  • Decorated office (first and maybe last time I will ever do wallpapering)
  • Decorated Little L's bedroom  
  • Decorated bathroom
  • Insulated the loft
  • Shelved out the airing cupboard
  • Decorated the front room
  • Put wood burning stove in front room (Big thanks to Mum and Dad)
  • Drained part of the back garden
  • Major pruning of some trees (lots more to do)
All this done with the help? of a toddler. 
Next year we want to do a lot outside like re-flagging, sorting drainage issues, chopping down leylandii, plus inside hopefully fixing rotten floor in kitchen, more rewiring, maybe tackle the red!!! kitchen, green!! hallway .... that's plenty to think about for now.  Tonight we will certainly be having a glass of something nice and a mince pie to celebrate (I have only eaten about a dozen this week so far).
Hope you are all having a good week and are ready for Christmas

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