Thursday, 6 December 2012

Knitting progress

Hope you are all managing to keep warm!  It is pretty chilly here and has been all week.  But at least it is nice and warm in the front room.  I did feel a bit guilty putting Little L to bed as it's cold up there but she has lots of blankets, a sleeping bag, sleepsuit and a cardigan so she will be fine.  Wish I could go to bed with all that on.
Knitting wise progress has been slow.  The last couple of weeks have been busy with time visiting family, days out, a few birthdays and just normal life.  But the thought of going to knit and natter tomorrow made me speed up a bit. 
On Tuesday the postie delivered not one but two lovely parcels from Hong Kong yes my round needles had arrived.  Very impressed it only took two weeks for postage and they were a bargain.
So I couldn't resist casting on the Gap tastic Cowl (or towel as I call it) from Ravelry. 
I got the wool (silver grey chunky)at the knit and stitch show two weeks ago and with the weather I am definitely in need of a scarf (at the rate I knit it should be finished by spring!).  I am still going with the Provence Baby Cardigan. 
The lace leaves pattern was a bit tricky and I had to pull it back a couple of times but I mastered it so I am nearly finished.  I just have another front to do and the button bands.  Nothing else crafty at the moment, I can't face getting my sewing machine out as it is too cold in the dining room..... but at weekend I may be making a little Lamb costume for a certain somebody who might be in a Nativity next week ( not sure if there is room in the cast for another sheep!!). 
Anyway a bit more knitting whilst watching Kirstie on TV ......... Rock n roll
Bye for now

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  1. One of those cowls would make a lovely gift for Christmas, how quick can you knit?


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