Monday, 17 December 2012

Mini Christmas Sock

After an early start (P has been getting up at 5am for the last week or so for work and so this morning I just got up too as I never manage to get back to sleep until about 15 mins before I have to get up) me and little L were going for a walk down the canal. But despite what the forecast said today it has rained none stop !!!
I decided to do a bit of crafting this afternoon (it was either that or cleaning up).  So I have a Christmas sock from when I was little that my mum made (it even still has my name on it). 
Little L has a Christmas sock which my Mum made her last year.
So I thought I could make a little sock to hang up,   I was going to knit one but thought felt would be much quicker.  I haven't used my sewing machine or done any sewing for a few months and it didn't quite go to plan.
I didn't flip my stencil over so I had two identical pieces .......... dohhh.
Anyway in the end despite contending with some very busy fingers trying to press the buttons on my sewing machine it looks quite good.
Must go as baby is still not asleep.  Hope to pop back soon x 

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