Monday, 13 May 2013

Zoom cardigan and bootees

I finished this a few weeks ago but have only just been able to sew the buttons on.  It is the Zoom cardigan from Ravelry
The pattern is really simple.   It is top down and with raglan increase which gives a really neat finish I think. The hardest part was picking up the stitches for the sleeves and then knitting the sleeves on dpn's was really hard going on my hands.

The wool I used is really soft James c brett aran with wool.  I went for a beige colour as I didn't know whether it was for a boy or girl.  Well they have had a beautiful baby boy so I choose some cute baby blue ducks.  Notice I only went for two buttons because I forgot to put the third button hole in??

I also knit these really quick bootee's, again from ravelry.  Very easy pattern I cast on 34 and knit 13 rows then cast off 13 knit to end followed by co 13 knit to end to get a T shape rather than start with the narrow bit and then cast on stitches.  I think this way is much easier.  Wish I had blocked them but I didn't have time.  Who knows how big newborn feet are?? I don't think they will fit but they are cute.
We are heading down to the Peak District tomorrow to meet baby J, can't wait not sure what Little L will make of him though.  Anyway must go and wrap his pressies (newborn clothes are the cutest)

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