Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cabinet finished

Got this a couple of weeks ago from my sister (who was given it) and I was supposed to be renovating it and then selling it but er....I have kept it.
It had been sitting in a damp garage under a leak for some time so was badly stained in places and covered in black mildew spotting.  So a washed it all to start with and then when dry sanded, sanded and sanded it some more. 
The mildew is very difficult to get rid of and some of it just wouldn't budge particularly on the doors. So before photos


I was able to get rid of most of the staining.  The side of the top cabinet was really bad but its hardly noticeable now.
When I was (sick of sanding) happy with the finish I gave it a wipe down and once dry waxed it.  Several coats of clear briwax and lots more elbow grease and its done.  Excuse the not so great photos, these were taken in haste and I haven't finished filling it with stuff yet, so the shelves look a bit bare

This side of the top cabinet was really badly stained but you can hardly tell now.

I've put it in our front room for now and maybe one day I will sell it but for now it can stay.  And added bonus Little L can't get the catch open on the lower cupboar!


  1. What a lovely cupboard , I really like this style of furniture it's lovely x

  2. The sanding was definatly worth it, it looks great. It probably won't be long until your little girl works out how to open it !!!! Sarah


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