Thursday, 23 May 2013


On Sunday my beautiful baby girl turned two!!  She is a little girl now full of smiles and fun, has strong ideas of her own and is most happy in her wellies outside (just like her mummy really).

For her birthday I set to on Saturday and made her a birthday cake.  What to make, well it had to be child friendly so sponge cake and I went for 6-6-6 recipe plus a couple of teaspoons of baking powder and vanilla essence.  Decoration had to be Peppa pig as she loves it.   I used ready to roll fondant icing and after about three attempts I managed to get the icing on.  It is tricky to ice such a large cake but the key is to have a lot of icing then you don't have to roll it too thinly.  The thinner the icing the more likely it is to crack when you pick it up (this happened several times).

I covered the cake in butter cream icing first (you can use boiled apricot jam if you prefer but butter cream will disguise bumps in your cake more) then laid the icing on, smoothed it down and trimmed the excess.  Then for the decoration, using some pictures from the internet for inspiration I just rolled, cut and sticked the shapes on.

It is Peppa jumping in muddy puddles, holding the number 2 and there are pink hearts all around the bottom of the cake.  It's not up to the standards of Little L's christening cake from last year but this was much more rushed.  It tasted really good along with the 3 dozen fairy cakes I made (sorry forgot to photo them, but they had peppa pig toppers on!)

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