Sunday, 19 May 2013

DIY Sandpit

Little L loves playing in the sand be it at the beach or at one of our playgroups.  So a little while ago I decided I would make her one.  I had about a month until her birthday so I would have plenty of time to do it......... so as usual nearly a whole month passed and then last minute this week during a couple of nap times I set to with saw, drill and wood to make it.
A simple box on legs.  Not too big and all made using thrifted wood picked up from freecycle etc.
Very easy just took a bit of time assembling it.  I pre-drilled holes and screwed it all together.  You probably could of just nailed it but I had to be quiet as little L was asleep!
A couple of coats of stain and a bag of playsand and ta-dah.  So pretty much free except for the playsand and much better than buying one. She was very impressed and it went down a treat on her birthday party which was thankfully dry and sunny!!
The dog did dive in a couple of times (front legs only) for a bit of digging too, can't blame her.

1 comment:

  1. Well done, it looks great. Hope the weather stays fine for some castle building!! Sarah


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