Friday, 31 August 2012

A baby hat

The project I had been knitting whilst camping (a very cute tank top) had been going well until the last few rows of the front.  I had almost finished the flipping thing when on Saturday night I was a bit tired and knit too much so I had to start unravelling it.  I hate taking knitting back.  And I dropped a stitch and just thought this is rubbish (I had already made one other small mistake and discovered a fault in the wool right in the middle of the front) anyway I pulled it all back. 
Sunday morning I wished I hadn't been so hasty but never mind I might start it again one day.  So I cast on a small easy knit on Sunday night, a cute stripey baby hat.  It was really easy and despite me using a pretty cheap yarn it knit really well.  It is from this book
And this is the pattern
And ta-dah mine actually looks like it should
Sorry for the rubbish photos but its too dark.  I will definitely do another but probably do it a bit longer.  I tried to take a photo of little L wearing the hat but she has decided all hats need to be removed as quickly as possible.  Hopefully she will have passed through this phase by the time it's getting colder.
Have a good weekend, bye for now x 

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