Monday, 13 August 2012

A camping trip

We are back home after a brilliant camping trip up to Hawkshead in the Lake District.  Very unusually for us we had great weather which is a real bonus when camping. 
There was three families and lots of other children for little L to play with and we had a great time.  We haven't been camping for two years (2010 we had an epic two week camping trip touring Scotland!) last year baby was too small but this year we thought we'd give it a go.  And it went surprisingly well, she did want to crawl around a lot which was difficult but as there were a few of us there was plenty of people to pass the baby to. 

We camped at a lovely site in the centre of Hawkshead so we didn't use the cars very much.  And the site wasn't too crowded either. 

A walk (one of many!) not sunny but very warm

Some yummy hedgerow picks

We played in the park - This for little L

This for mummy!

A bit of knitting of course

A trip on the ferry to Bowness

Another walk in the scorching heat but at least I wasn't carrying the extra couple of stones!

What a view

Back home now to endless washing, slugs and a very grumpy girl who is suffering with the dreaded teeth again.  Ah its good to be home!

Back soon with knitting progress hopefully
Bye for now x

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