Saturday, 4 August 2012

I can knit!

Well after a brief spell as a child knitting squares I didn't knit until about 3 months ago.  I have crocheted for a few years and always loved the variety and ease of patterns but since having little L I had wanted to be able to make her a cardigan.  Crocheted cardigans and jumpers etc just don't look that good in my opinion too grannyish.  So a few months ago I had a go and knit some mittens and managed it.  It was all pretty tense and P was instructed not to speak I'm concentrating as I knitted away at night.  But they turned out fine, way too small, but it proved I could do it, all be it very slowly. 

After that I got a lovely book by Debbie Bliss Ultimate book of baby knits and choose the easiest project a garter stitch stripey blanket.  This I am still doing but so far so good.

But I started getting a bit bored with it (I will finish it I promise) and I bought a couple of balls of lovely coral pink wool to make a cardigan.  I choose the classic cardigan as this seemed straightforward.

It has taken me about 5 weeks to knit which is a long time but not bad considering I've never knit anything so complicated before (for me anyway!) and I have only been able to knit at night really.  Also as it turned out it is a bit big.  I was following the 9-12 mth size and adding extra rows to make the arms and body long enough but it turns out the body is too wide but never mind.  It will fit little L in maybe a year hopefully (coral will be sooo last season by then!).  Also I knit on a bigger needle and used a heavier wool than the pattern recommended.  So really I didn't follow the pattern all that much no wonder the sizing is wrong!?!

Early days

Ready to join together

Joining the whole lot and doing raglan sleeves.  This was hard work as the rows were so long but the raglan itself was easy to do.

Finshed - Cute polka dot buttons from ebay and I added a crochet flower too.

I will definitely knit another but probably smaller needles and different wool.
I have cast on something else for a baby which won't take as long hopefully. 

Anyway hope you are having a good weekend.  We are going camping tomorrow so I must go and pack.
Bye for now x

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  1. The cardigan looks great. Hope you get good weather for your camping, just had a thunderstorm here. I suppose if it rains you could knit!!!


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