Sunday, 26 August 2012

Decorating again!

After decorating little L's room I said to myself no more until next year.  But we were back from our holidays and I didn't really have a "project" as such and I just happened to pick up a paint chart from our magazine rack ... fast forward 24 hours and I started on the living room.  The ceiling in there was OK (I think the people painted the ceiling before we bought the house) so phew no ceiling to do.  The doors are stained and I had already restained the window ledges a few months ago.  So just the walls, skirting boards and radiators. 
The room was dark green half way up the walls and then lighter at the top and on the fireplace wall.  So firstly I had to strip the border off and get rid of the green.  I did 3 coats using some leftover paint and it looked OK.  Then onto the skirting boards which didn't need (ahem??) much sanding who looks at skirting boards anyway!? So undercoat then on with some gloss. 
Then onto the walls.  Luckily the B and Q had a special offer on Dulux paint so I splashed out and bought that (Almost Oyster pale beige).  I tend to always buy the own brand paints, not the cheapest but the middle range stuff.  And I must admit I am glad I paid a bit more for Dulux because it covered really well in two coats and went really far, I still have half a tin left.
Then a couple of coats of enamel paint on the radiators and I was done.  It only took me a week and that was with my other half working really long hours and I got a cold.  I did nearly keel over on Wednesday with a high temperature when I was trying to paint the last wall whilst little L had her afternoon nap. 
I am really pleased, a cheap makeover but effective and looks much lighter.  Eventually we really would like a wood burning stove and then a new carpet and we will probably re-wire the room but for now it feels a bit more like our living room.
No more decorating this year (probably).  Now some knitting and a glass of wine x

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  1. It's always great to put your own stamp on a house, it makes it easier to live with the things you can't change (yet). I also have some rooms with highly patterned carpets, sadly after 2 1/2 years you stop noticing!!! Sarah


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