Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A busy week!

Last week was very busy.  I got no knitting done at all.  Why well we had a lovely day out to another agricultural show.  This time Trawden show held in a little village over near Nelson on the top of a fell.  So it was very windy but good fun.  Lots of animals, horses, sheep, cows, dogs, pigs, flowers etc

I love shire horses. We had some in the fields behind our house when I was younger and I wished they were mine!

Some crafty inspiration

Some cooking after watching The Hairy Dieters - Vegetable pasties made with pizza dough, yummy, much easier (my pastry always falls apart) and hopefully a few less calories

And the main reason for not doing anything fun - Decorating arghhh! I decided I wanted to get the front room done before the dark nights creep in and I don't want green walls anymore!

Hopefully I will be finished in the next couple of days
Bye for now x

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