Monday, 1 October 2012

Feature wall?

Sunday morning, before the rain set in, me and little L headed out for a little walk down the canal.  We left Mr P at home with a big hammer and a chisel to start knocking out the fire.
So this is the fire last week
This was the fire this morning
And then when we got back from our little jaunt, Daddy had been busy
It is a lot bigger but still a way to go! Next we will be cutting the fire place with the grinder hhhmm .... dusty.
Whilst he was knocking out the fire and little L was asleep I did a bit of planting as on our jaunt we popped into the supermarket and the cyclamens (my absolute favourite winter plant) were half price just £2 for 6 bargain.  And Ta-dah I have some on my kitchen and dining room window ledges and some at the front door.
Hope you all had a fun Sunday. 

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