Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I hate putting shelves up

Sunday evening was spent drilling and measuring and cursing.  I decided to quickly put some shelves up after tea like you do.  But the brackets didn't line up so well and my ladders weren't long enough and I didn't have the right screws and the tops kept threading, I could go on but I am losing the will to live myself!

Anyway here is the finished article we now have lots of shelves in the garage, so no excuse for it being a tip anymore.
We do have another full wall of shelves in there but they were so messy I couldn't show you.  We really need to get rid of the old fire and mantel as that is taking up lots of space in the garage but nobody on Ebay seems to want it.  Maybe we will end up sawing it up and burning on our new stove.  More progress soon to come.
Bye for now

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