Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Look what we did today

Today my Mum and Dad came down to visit but no not a mere jolly they were on a mission.  Me, Mum and Little L headed off for a walk down the canal and left Dad and Mr P with hammers chisels and a grinder arghh!
We saw an unusual floating shed on the canal.  The man who has it is going to open it up as a floating health food shop.
We also saw some nice ivy flowers and red berries, very autumnal
We came back a few hours later to a houseful of red brick dust.  It was a bigger job than first thought perhaps and it turns out our house is very solidly built, always a good thing.  So an afternoon of further banging, grinding etc (which little L slept through yes she is a star) and we have a bigger hole with a lintel resting in place.

So next stage will be fitting a custom made steel plate over the bottom of the chimney and setting the lintel in place.  I can't wait, there is the small problem that we haven't got a stove yet but I am on the case.
Bye for now hope you had a good day x

1 comment:

  1. I quite like the floating shed (I wonder where I could get some drawers????) Your hole in the wall is looking more like a 'stove hole' . Finger crossed you get a stove. Sarah


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