Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Grand Day Out

Well we had another early start on Sunday as we all set off to my parents for a day out at Great Eccleston Show in Lancashire.  There is nothing better, I think, during the summer months than a day out at an agricultural show.   They are full of crafty inspiration, lovely food, gardening stuff, animals and all sorts in the main ring from cattle judging to a bit of tug of war.  So if you've never been to one you should give it a go.  And we really should support them as they are starting to dwindle in number.  We used to attend the Royal Lancashire show as children but after a change of venue and difficulties with the weather it hasn't been on since 2006 which is a real shame. 

So we packed into a couple of cars with my parents and sister plus her family and off we went.  The sun was shining honestly (it doesn't look like it in that photo) but little L still needed a blanket!  

It is a great show not too big or small.  There's lots of animal's which little L was enthralled by and she wanted to touch everything.  I must admit even though I grew up surrounded by farms and animals I didn't get too near the cows with her.  Little L just loves animals especially our dog (a big soft Golden retriever) who puts up with endless patting, pulling and prodding.

Beef cow judging (Limousins I think)

Super cute goats

The local hunt showing off their hounds

And there's the tractor pulling which is great to watch and really attracts a lot of people

And a bit of sitting in the sun for me

It was lovely to have a day out all togged up in waterproofs, wellies etc and not need them.  I think I actually caught a bit of sun!  I really hope the weather picks up generally as we are going camping in a few weeks and whilst we have endured many wet and windy camping trips before we have never had a baby crawling around with us (not that we crawl!).

The next show we will go to hopefully is the Westmorland show in September which is a lovely show in the lake district, but that's ages off!

Bye for now   

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