Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Little L's Bedroom Ta-dah

OK, so this post would have been a whole lot better if I’d thought to take some before photos duh!  But you’ll have to use your imagination.  So this room was pretty bad.  We had been in the house for 6 months and I just felt like little L was a bit like a lodger as her bedroom was this awful dances with wolves type wallpaper.  I’m serious it was all blue and green feather swirly pattern straight from the early 80’s.  Not very little baby girlish.  So we had the sensible discussion “we won’t decorate in there till next year when we can get the re-wiring done”  That’s OK, I’ve tons of other stuff to be getting on with.  But I just kept thinking about pink walls with cute pictures ???
I wonder shall I just paint the wallpaper, so one afternoon with “Are you sure this is a good idea we are really busy at the moment (1st birthday and christening coming up)?” ringing in my ears I just started. 
So some filling and sticking then three, yes three, coats of white paint for the ceiling (I hate painting ceilings).  Two coats of white, followed by two coats of pink on the walls covered the hideous pattern.  Two days of extreme workout with a rug doctor (the carpet was a bit grubby and was cream) the room was done virtually. 
Dream sign - I bought the letters from B&M Bargains and you were supposed to attach them all separately to the wall, no chance too much drilling.  So I found a piece of plywood, got my Dad to cut it (I can saw wood but not very neatly and it takes ages with a hand saw), then painted it and used double sided padded tape to attach the letters and then just one hole needed in the wall.

Bunting - I made this using offcuts from the curtains and some old sleepsuits.  Each flag has a letter of her name on.  I found the bunting itself easy but it was a bit tricky trying to get the letters to look ok and level.

Lovely animal prints - Love these they remind me of the Wind in the Willows.  They are by an local artist called Sally Anne Lambert who illustrates children's books and sells paintings.  I couldn't really afford the bigger prints so we bought a couple of the A4 ish sized cards and framed them myself. 

Beautiful quilt made by my Mum for little L.  I love the green and pink together.  And gifted cot from sister S (unless she goes mad, decides to have another baby and wants it back!!).  Oh and heart made my me and filled with lavender from my garden to help her sleep (fingers crossed and Calpol is probably more effective).

Thrifted set of drawers (thankyou sister J) which I sanded a bit and re-waxed, gifted bedside drawers, and old chair, originally my Grandma's, which I remember being in different rooms when I was growing up and it was blue but I painted it cream about 9 years ago (when me and P moved in together) and re-did the seat in some cream fabric.

Old cupboard which was at my Nana's house when my Mum was little.  It came to me when I was a teenager with matching drawers painted white and pink.  I stripped them and waxed them.  Since then they have been in my bedroom at home then in the three houses me and P have lived in and now finally little L has the cupboard in her bedroom.

I love the fact that a lot of the furniture in our house has come from family, friends, parents and grandparents.  The furniture has been given a new life over the years by fixing, painting, stripping off paint, waxing etc.  These bits of furniture aren't antiques and lots of people wouldn't give them house space but they mean a lot to me.  It's almost like a little bit of my Grandparents, sadly long since gone, are still with me watching over me and my little family.

Small child on a rocking snail!

Bye for now x

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