Sunday, 15 July 2012

An early start!

So Saturday morning me, little L and my other half dragged ourselves out of the house super early in order to partake in the phenomenon that is the NEXT SALE.  I'd heard rumours that it would be starting on Saturday and thought this year I wouldn't miss all the bargains and would go early on the first day. 

What a surprise though when we got into Liverpool there was tons of people loaded down with bags of stuff and this was only half seven!  It was pretty mad in the children's section so little L went off with her Daddy to look at men's clothes whilst I found the bargains.  There was a lot of current season summer clothes and it was all half price so we got quite a bit.  After all the rummaging in children's clothes I couldn't be bothered looking for myself.

So me and little L left Daddy to go to work and we went off to meet my good friend L, who I used to work with.  We had a lovely day in Liverpool, not much shopping as we went to see a Rolf Harris exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery

For a not very arty/museumy person (I have fallen asleep in museums in the past!) it was very good and Rolf was only there on Saturday!!! but we couldn't see him.  He was signing books and I did consider buying one but the queue was massive and little L was suffering with her gums a bit.

So a very good day was had by all, lots of catching up and reminiscing.  And a very tired baby slept all the way home!
Bye for now x

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  1. The Rolf exhibition is on my to-do list for the summer holidays. It's not on for much longer, is it?


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