Saturday, 21 July 2012

A little walk

So I promise to get a move on with my creative endeavours this week and hopefully will have something to show you all soon.  But to be honest once little L has gone to bed I usually have upto an hour of clearing away toys, washing, dishes, and then a bit of knitting/tv/wine (if I'm lucky) and then I'm off to bed. 

So as a little aside I am trying to get as much walking in as possible at the moment to try to get a bit fitter and allow me to eat cakes occasionally without the guilt.  There are some good walks around here but you are limited a bit with the pram.  So this morning after breakfast and hanging the washing out we headed out to the canal.  An easy hour long circular walk that takes in the locks and some quiet lanes.

The locks

 The ducks came to say Hello which was the highlight as far as little L is concerned (Sorry no bread today)

And the swans with their babies, so cute

And another pic, don't get too near swann's they can break your arm you know!!

We popped into the charity shop on our way back through the village but no bargains today in fact I think a good deal of the stuff needs to go in a skip.

Anyway have a happy Saturday, must go and knit.
Bye for now 

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  1. We love a walk along the canal. At least with your little one in the pram there's no danger of anyone falling in! We saw some lovely canal boats today and even got a glimpse of Rosie and Jim.


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