Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Amigurumi ……….. Love it or hate it?

Well I have crocheted a lot of these animals and other random things over the years.  I have bought the books, and oohed and arghed over the photos of cute little animals.  Then given it a go but boy are they hard to do.  Maybe my hands are just too big.  I’ve found you have to work with such tight tension, really dig out stitches and count a lot.  Then you gather the teeny tiny pieces that have taken hours on end to make, stuff them and sew them together and what have you got?? Not sure is usually the response.  They often just don’t look much like the book shows. 

Now I made a huge amount of these things and thankfully sold most of them at a crafty thing some time ago.  Some of the real howlers went to new homes but here are some that just wouldn’t sell. 
Not sure why???
Sorry for the poor photos.  Its a bird! (Magpie to be exact)

It's an owl!

A cupcake!

A bear, really it is a bear

But this one I do love.  It took a while but it does look like an elephant and it sits in little L’s bedroom (she can’t play with it though …… mean, I know).

Off to playgroup now, bye

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