Monday, 16 July 2012

Ebay Postage Costs

Over the years I have sold lots of things on Ebay from furniture and even a car to small things like clothes but recently I have got a bit fed up with it.  Firstly, I don't think things are selling as well, even with really low starting prices.  I sell clothes much cheaper than the charity shops and always in very good condition but still things don't sell.  But what is really making me question "Is it worth it?" are the ever rising postage costs. 

Today I posted three new items of clothes (OK yes I should have returned them to the shop for a refund) they all sold for less than a pound which I don't mind but I had to charge £2.30 for 2nd class postage (actual price £2.20).  That's a lot.  One item was a 3-6 mth swimsuit in a small A5 size jiffy envelope yet the post office lady said nope it is classed as a parcel??? what how.  Maybe its our post office but they just say everything is a parcel.  So I think it would cost the same to post the tiny swimsuit as a full size adults suit???? 

Maybe collection only is the way to go? 
How do other people keep the postage costs down for their Ebay customers?
Sorry rant over  

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