Monday, 11 March 2013

A walk and some crafting

As it was really sunny this morning after the usual jobs me and Little L wrapped up and set off for a walk. 

We went on our usual circular walk down the canal through the locks and back into the village (1hr 15 mins).  A good idea I thought but boy oh boy was it cold.  I can confirm we have Siberian winds here today.  It was freeeeeeeezing even in the sun the wind was bitter.  So we marched along looking at the ducks, moorhens and swans. 

Then off the canal and past all the ploughed fields.  We stopped to say Hi to our horsey friends Tilly and Murphy who got a carrot each. 

And then marched some more through the village.   
Back home warm drinks and I lit the stove to try to thaw us both out but it was exercise and I didn't feel guilty eating a hot cross bun at dinnertime.
After sleep time I did a little bit of crafting.  This frame (an ikea one) was found at the car boot sale last weekend.
This paper was wrapped around a little Mother's Day gift for me yesterday

So a little cutting, sticking, and stitching and ta-dah. 
 Simple but colourful.... now where shall I put it.

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