Thursday, 7 March 2013

Baby cardigan

Having finished my cardigan last week I have been itching to start something new.  We have a really good wool stall at a local market and the wool is really cheap and good quality but its only on once a week.  Last Thursday he wasn't there and as this Thursday was forecast rain I knew he wouldn't be there this week (wool and rain don't mix).  So I have been trying to match wool that I have to a pattern that I haven't found yet.  So cue endless hours looking at ravelry trying to find a good pattern but everything is either the wrong size, not the right wool etc so with evening boredom levels at a maximum I finally picked a top down raglan baby cardigan.  This pattern is very easy so far (top-down-raglan-baby-sweater) and looks like it will be a perfect little cardigan for our friends new baby which is due early May. I am using Sirdar breeze in a light beige (has to be a unisex colour) and this wool is so soft just perfect for a newborn.  When the baby arrives I will knit something in pink or blue but for now this will keep me busy for a week or so.

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