Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekend potterings

The weather last week was pretty bad and we had got pretty wet and freezing on our trips out and about.  And since it snowed a lot on Friday and was due to snow on Saturday we didn't plan to do much.  Little L has a really bad cough and so Saturday afternoon we played in front of the stove and watched Up.  I love this film and Little L seemed mildly amused with it at times especially when the dog speaks and she loves balloons.
Sunday was a quiet day here as again it was freezing.  So food shopping was done and after lunch I managed to work on the cardigan I cast on the other week.  It is a really easy pattern to follow.  But my sizing seems a bit off as it is no way going to be newborn size as stated in the pattern.  Oh well it will come in handy when my friends baby is bigger.  I might use this pattern again but use aran as then it might fit Little L as it would be even bigger.
P was outside doing wood collecting/chopping/stacking not sure really but he has been getting lots of wood recently to stack and dry for winter.  It is so nice to see a big stack of wood outside.
Also managed to plant up some pots with winter pansies.  Just need some warmth to get them growing.
 This last week I have also been working on my Upcycled retro table but progress is slow as it has been too cold in the garage for my little helper so I haven't done much.  Maybe this week I will finish it.  But its unlikely as this is another busy week with my car at the garage so a day back home for us, playgroup, shopping and my favourite 17 year old niece turns 18!!.   And only 5 more days until Easter and the end of lent so I can finally eat chocolate and crisps. 

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  1. Loving your cardigan, I wish I had been a knitter when my children where smaller. Now they are too big (more knitting) and probably wouldn't wear a knitted cardigan!! Sarah


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