Monday, 4 March 2013

Kitchen finished

Well it is almost finished still some glossing to do when the weather warms up. 
In the end it took 6 coats of paint to cover the red and on some walls 7 coats but it was well worth it.  A very neutral ivory colour (yes a bit boring but I don't intend repainting in there for a long time).  I didn't go for dulux like I've used before because the paint was going to cost around £50 that's way too much.  So I went to B&M and they had 20% off all paint so 5L of Jonhstones was about £17.  It gave a really good finish, covered well and was almost the same colour as the dulux I wanted but for less than half the price.  I'd definitely recommend this paint brand.

Rather than buy new blinds I have used the old roller blind fittings (they were red of course so I couldn't put them back up) and made new blinds.  I didn't really want plain and patterned blinds were quite expensive so I thought I would have a go myself.

The fabric I wanted was £22 a metre and I needed 3m so I decided to use some fabric I already had because I wasn't convinced this would work anyway.  So free blinds.

And the walls before and after shots...

 It is so much lighter and we really like it.


  1. Wow, well worth your hard work. It looks great. Even the dog matches. Sarah

  2. Isn't it a pain painting light colours over dark?! But it was worth it ... it looks great! And I also love your jumper from your previous post! xCathy

    1. Thanks I'm glad to have finished with decorating for a while a least. Just looked over at your blog. I love the plate for your Auntie wow you have such a talent. Catherine x


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